Pre-Order Deliverance’s final offering “Hear What I Say”, recorded at 3FROGZ Studios

The official release date was, December 10, 2013, the CD’s are available and shipping now. Unfortunately we have a slight delay with our digital partners on the digital release and we are looking at about one more week until the digital release is available.

8-minute Hear-What-I-Say teaser
deliver93 Frogz Records/Roxx Records are very pleased to announce the release of the final offering from “Deliverance” entitled ‘Hear What I Say!’  Watch out for the next couple of weeks in 2013, when the world will get what they have been waiting for the brand new and final album from “Deliverance”.  3FROGZ will start taking pre-orders for The Big “D”’s 10th and Final Studio Album first week of November. “Hear What I Say” is a surprising fresh blend of the entire “D” musical repertoire rolled into one record. With (9) originals and (2) surprise cover songs, this release will once again show the world that Jimmy P. Brown II has not missed one step with his 4 man army! Always ready to deliver, he assembled a true cast of players for this final venture that were up to the task!

Michael Phillips – of Deliverance, Fasedown and Join the Dead fame on Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Manny Morales – of Deliverance fame on the 5 String Bass
Jayson Sherlock – of Mortification, Paramecium, Horde and Revulsed fame on Drums

Jimmy P. Brown II says:

“I wanted to put the final chapter to this book called “Deliverance” in its proper prospective! There have been ups and downs, but in the end it was a magnificent journey with all the band members over the years, and more importantly our fans! This album is for them, to say goodbye in true “D” fashion! I am ever grateful to all the supporters throughout the years, but “D” has run its course. I want her to rest and go out with a nice beautiful and loud bang! To all our fans, supporters, and ALL of my former band-mates, it was a wonderful roller coaster ride, scary, exciting, nauseating, thrilling, terrifying, but in the end it was fun! Lives were touched, people found what they needed at the time, and now, the next journey will begin…”

Deliverance “HEAR WHAT I SAY” Preorder on Square Market

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